Google Keyword Planner and Other Keyword Research Tool

Keyword analysis could be a make-or-break stage in any SEO campaign. If you are doing it wrong, all of your efforts (and money) square measure vainly. this can be why you wish a reliable keyword analysis tool. for several years THE tool for keyword volume analysis was the Free Keyword Tool from Google and it had been all we wanted however sadly this great tool is history currently. The good news, tho' is that as luck would have it there square measure alternatives for keyword volume analysis. as an example, the new tool from Google with similar practicality ‐ Google Keyword Planner will several of the items the previous tool did however sadly it's a lot of appropriate for PPC keyword analysis than for organic SEO analysis. There are alternative tools, like Bing Keyword Tool, or Word Tracker Keyword tool, or the many paid tools and every of them has its benefits as disadvantages, as we'll see next.

Google Keyword Planner – Still the Best Keyword Volume Tool

The new Google Keyword Planner offers abundant of the practicality of the recent Free Keyword Tool from Google and may be a far better choice than most of the opposite tools, as well as the paid ones. Here area unit a number of the benefits and drawbacks of Google Keyword Planner:

Advantages of Google Keyword Planner

The advantages of Google Keyword Planner can be summarized as follows:

  •  Data comes directly from Google itself. Obviously, information is additional reliable once it comes from the supply than from a 3rd party. 
  •  Great prospects for native keywords. If you're doing native SEO, then you'll definitely appreciate the improved prospects for native search ‐ you'll be able to target your search to your settlement audience. 
  •  Suggested keywords square measure classified. this is not a replacement feature however it's convenient after you will see teams of keywords rather than single keywords solely. 
 These are not the sole benefits of Google Keyword Planner, however, even they're sturdy enough to create you utilize it.

Disadvantages of Google Keyword Planner

The disadvantages of Google Keyword Planner are not that numerous and here are some of them:

  • You need associate degree AdWords account. Since the tool isn't out there singly, if you wish to use it, you wish to make associate degree AdWords account. 
  •  No Broad or Phrase search. The new tool lacks a key feature ‐ the flexibility to go looking for broad and phrase match. currently, your search is proscribed to precise matches solely.
  •  No device targeting. currently, you cannot seek for volumes on mobiles and desktops single ‐ all this is often mixed into one. 
 Nevertheless, despite its disadvantages, Google Keyword Planner remains a far better tool than its competitors.

Bing Keyword Tool – the Second Best Alternative

If you are not pleased with Google Keyword Planner, or simply want an alternative, you might want to check Bing Keyword Tool.

Advantages of Bing Keyword Tool

The advantages of Bing Keyword Tool are these:

  • The best tool if you optimize for Bing. If you have got set to concentrate your efforts on Bing, clearly this is often the tool to use.
  •  Data vary search. in contrast to Google Keyword Planner, here you'll seek for volumes throughout a selected knowledge vary. this is often terribly helpful if you're inquisitive about seasonal volumes, or vacation volumes for instance. 
  •  You can see search trends still. in contrast to Google, wherever you would like to travel to Google Trends, if you would like knowledge over time, with Bing Keyword Tool this knowledge is visible at once.

Disadvantages of Bing Keyword Tool

The disadvantages of Bing Keyword Tool are these:

  •  The data isn't quite applicable for Google searches. the primary and major disadvantage is that the information you get isn't continuously helpful once you optimize for Google. Of course, you'll use it to identify trends however fairly often you wish additional precise information so as to try to well on Google.
  •  Requires to signup for Bing Webmaster Tool. equally to Google Keyword Planner, this is not an in public accessible tool And you wish an account. the matter is that you simply might need privacy considerations regarding what happens with the information for your searches, otherwise, the tool is free.
  •  No smart native information. If you're fine with native level up to the country, then this may not be a haul however if you wish additional careful native information, like on a state level, to not mention on a town and city level, you're out of luck.

Word Tracker Keyword Tool

Word Tracker was one of the first keyword tools and even though today its popularity (and usefulness) is quite low, it's still an alternative to consider.

Advantages of Word Tracker Keyword Tool

The main advantages of Word Tracker Keyword Tool are:

  • It provides a plan, however, competitive a keyword is. In different words, you get not solely the quantity of searches however additionally the quantity of competitors. this is often sensible to understand as a result of if a keyword is far too competitive, it'd be higher to skip it.
  •  Multiple search filter. you'll slim down your search to actual matches solely, or embody connected terms, or hunt for keywords in any order. 
  •  Paid searchers get knowledge from SEMRush tool moreover. If you subscribe for the tool, you may get knowledge from SEMRush search tool moreover.

Disadvantages of Word Tracker Keyword Tool

The disadvantages of Word Tracker Keyword Tool are these:

  • The tool isn't free. whereas it will supply a free version with somehow restricted practicality, if you wish to use the tool to the fullest, you wish to pay. 
  •  The tool needs registration. this is not abundant of a difficulty, however, still, it's a drawback. 
  • Reliability of the info. Since the info does not come back from Google or different major computer program, its dependability isn't high. Still, you'll use it for direction however you'd higher assay with different tools if you propose to create your whole campaign on that. 

 This 3 keyword volume analysis tools square measure the most effective. additionally to them, there square measure several different paid ones and a few free however their dependability is seriously beneath the question, thus essentially they don't seem to be abundant of an alternate. still, even these 3 tools square measure over nothing, thus use them once you got to analysis for keyword volumes.

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