How To Customise Your WordPress Website 2.5+ Log In Screen

Here is a way to customize and whole your WordPress Log In Screen for WordPress a pair of.5+ (and most likely more versions to come). If you're running the associate older version of WordPress you'll wish to visualize out this post. you'll conjointly wish to visualize out the live demo of my login screen here.

This post comes once change my WordPress to version a pair of.5 and losing my recent custom login screen. simply a word of warning, I'm not the most effective tutorial author associated this tutorial is for an intermediate to advanced user of WordPress.


There also are a pair of WordPress plugins out there which might customize your WordPress a pair of.5 log in screen.

  • WordPress Custom Admin stigmatization – This changes the login screen, further because of the emblem within the header and footer of your admin panel.
  • Branded WordPress Log In Screen – this can be a plugin that brands solely the login screen.

To Change The Logo From The WordPress Logo To Your Logo

  • Login to your site via FTP or your preferred method and locate the file ‘login.css‘ which is found in your wp-admin/css/ folder. Open this CSS file in your favorite editor.
  • In the login.css file look for the line:background: url(../images/logo-login.gif) no-repeat;change it to your own image for example… background: url(../images/YOURLOGO.gif) no-repeat; NB: You will probably want to make the logo around 290 pixels wide.
  • For the more advanced users, this is where you can customize the look of the login anyway you like using CSS which I know you will. I just changed the fonts to Helvetica to match my site.

To Change The Color Of The Background (ie. The Baby Blue Color)

  • Open the colors-fresh.css file which is also found in your wp-admin/css/ folder.
  • Locate the TWO #eaf3fa color's in this file and replace them with any color you like. I would recommend a light washed out or neutral color. I chose my site color which is gray. (#EAEAEA)
  • Don’t stop here, you can customize your login screen as much as you like! Mine was just a quick example.
Just a note to remember to backup these two CSS files (colors-fresh and login.css) before you do any WordPress updates as these updates will overwrite these files and you will have to do it all over again!.

Once you have finished, transfer your login screen to the WordPress a pair of.5 Log In Screen Flickr pool.


This is a terribly|a really|an awfully} easy and effective thanks to customizing and whole your WordPress login screen… it might be very useful for internet designers planning for purchasers as it’s the eye to detail in your work that produces all the distinction after you alter your purchasers.

If you have got designed a WordPress diary for a shopper I might extremely advocate creating this tiny, nevertheless vital, inclusion. For myself, it’s not as vital as I'm the sole one United Nations agency writes in this diary, but for those with multiple authors, it sure could be a should.

You also are also curious concerning what that Open I'd log in is? you must undoubtedly examine it… you may regret it if you don’t.

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